A Few Easy Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly Christmas

A Few Easy Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly Christmas

A Few Easy Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Let's make this year our very best eco-friendly Christmas yet and choose eco-friendly Christmas options this festive season. Minor changes can make a big difference in decreasing our ecological footprint. Buying smart, using the latest technologies and considering traceability is of utmost importance.

Bearing in mind this information, here are a few easy ways for hosting an eco-pleasant Christmas – from renting your Christmas tree to creating cute DIY eco-friendly decorations.

The Greenest Christmas Tree

Searching for the most eco-friendly Christmas tree? Live Christmas trees are far more environmentally friendly than synthetic options. Furthermore, a recent study determined that you would have to use your fake fir for 20 years for it to be more environmentally friendly. That said, seven million trees that are alive will be discarded in January instead of being recycled.

This year you can take one step further when it comes down to an eco-pleasant Christmas tree by hiring an actual tree from a local farm. There are companies that offer living trees delivered to your home. You can enjoy decorating and caring for the tree for the duration of the festive period, then they will pick it up and replant in January. It's a win-win situation.

If you purchase a tree, check if it's been cultivated as locally as possible: you can search for local farms close to you on Google Maps. Look for environmentally friendly seals and stamps to ensure that your tree has been grown in an eco-friendly way.

After Christmas, go can also inquire about drop-off zones in your neighborhood, where your used Christmas tree can be reused into chippings for community gardens and forest areas. Otherwise, take it to your local landfill where you will be able to add it to the other green waste or cut it up and pile the wood in your garden to build a natural environment for animals and bugs.

Green Gift Wrapping

Almost all of us recycle the previous year's gift wrap. A lot of us do not realize yet is that numerous gift wrapper rolls include non-recyclable components such as foil, glitter, or synthetic material.

If you would like to know if your wrapping paper may be eco-friendly and recyclable, use a crunch test. Scrunch up the wrapping in your hand and then release it. If the paper remains scrunched up then it could be recycled but, if it unfolds on its own, then it is probable that it includes non-recyclable components.

Friendly Fairy Lights

If each family exchanged a string of incandescent light bulbs for its LED counterpart, we could save millions of dollars and 29,000 tones of CO2, just for the 12 main festive days of Christmas.

When it comes down to eco-friendly Christmas embellishments, LEDs are much better than customary sparkling incandescent light bulbs, due to the fact that they use up to 80% less power.

Transition to solar-powered Christmas lights outdoors and set both lights on a timer. You will not just make eco-friendly savings, but your electricity bills will decrease too.

Eco Decorations

The finest eco-friendly Christmas ornaments are household treasures that arise year after year – making them very sustainable. However, if you want to add to your own collection, try to find designs manufactured from brass, glass and wood. Artistic people can also use colorful paper and thread. Colored popcorn threaded on ribbons is another alternative, as are holly and mistletoe.

You can shop for a whole range of eco-friendly gifts for your friends and family by shopping online at the Ecoxpress Online Store.

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